Is Heredity The Cause Of Heart Disease Or Not

By | June 25, 2016

William Walters
Friday, 2:48 pm
Is Heredity The Cause of Heart Disease or Not
If your parents had heart disease, and their parents before them, you may feel as if you will develop heart disease also. While it is a fact that heredity is a cause of heart disease, it is only one factor among many. One recent medical study even says heredity was the accounting for less than 10% of a person’s risk of getting heart disease.
So, What is the Other 90%? Medical Personnel don’t agree on what the number one cause of heart disease is, but there have been many studies that indicate people that smokes, and are overweight, and have high cholesterol are the 3 major factors of getting heart disease.
The chemicals in tobacco damages the artery walls, making it easier for cholesterol to build up and eventually causes clots, and blocking the arteries in the blood stream. Smoking also causes platelets, the part of the blood that will cause clotting, If you are an active person, that excercises daily this will slow down the risk of killer clots arising.
A person’s body needs to have cholesterol and can actually produce all it needs, and as we consume different foods high in cholesterols, like diary and meat products, the body gets a lot more cholesterol than it needs and then starts to accumalate. The body saves cholesterol instead of excreting it, which gets stored along the walls of the arteries. Cholesterol deposits that accumalates leads to the blockage of the arteries and causes clots and if not treated can cause a heart attack or stroke and in worst cases even death.
High blood pressure is also a major cause of heart disease. Remember this, your arteries will be getting narrower because, of all the cholesterol stored in them, yet the body is the same size and needs the same amount of blood for the day to day tasks; your heart is trying to pump a lot of blood through an area that is getting smaller as time goes by. Just as a home air filter can get clogged up when trying to push air into the house that no one has cleaned in awhile so the filter can operate smoothly, your heart can overtax itself trying to force blood through blocked passages in the body.
Overweight, not just because of all the health problems that come with it, is another cause of heart disease a person needs to have a daily excercise plan to combat high cholesterol talk to your doctor before starting such a program. Often a person that is overweight has high cholesterol and or high blood pressure, which is known to increase the risk of heart disease many times over but, new medical studies are also showing a correlation between fat and heart disease in a way that isn’t yet understood completely. Either way, as the stomach increases, the risk of heart disease seems to increase also.
Also, stress can cause heart disease so, unless your mother or father is stressing you out enough to cause a heart attack, they are not the cause of heart disease in general.
I hope that this article on Heart Disease provided you with enough information you were seeking about it. I will be writing more articles soon!