Heart Disease Hits The Famous

By | May 25, 2016

Fame often divides among people. Famous people enjoy many privileges that others do not, but the privilege of avoiding heart disease is not one of them.

A famous person with heart disease faces the same risk factors as those who are not famous. A famous person with heart disease experiences the same symptoms, and can die of heart disease. The famous do not escape heart disease, known by physicians as coronary artery disease (CAD).

Examples of Famous People with Heart Disease

A famous person with heart disease who recently (March 2007) underwent triple heart bypass surgery is Regis Philbin well-known United States TV host. He had experienced typical heart disease symptoms such as chest pains and shortness of breath, despite having angioplasty 14 years ago. He joined a long list of famous people with heart disease. Here are a mere dozen of them.

* Bill Clinton quadruple bypass surgery in 2004
* David Letterman quadruple bypass surgery in 2000
* Larry King heart attack and bypass surgery in 1987
* Mike Ditka heart attack in 1988
* Tommy Lasorda heart attack in 1996
* Dick Cheney at least 4 heart attacks
* Phyllis Diller heart attack in 1999
* Elizabeth Taylor congestive heart failure
* Victoria Gotti heart disease from age 16
* Ma Ji died of heart disease in 2006
* Alfredo Di Stefano heart attack in 2005
* Sir Ranulph Fiennes heart attack and bypass surgery

Heart Disease Treatment

A famous person with heart disease may be able to afford the best treatment available. Every effort will likely be made not only to save their lives but to return them to the fullest possible health.

Advantages of Heart Disease in the Famous

A famous person with heart disease can be a highly-recognized spokesperson for companies that offer heart disease medications, diet plans, and other treatments aimed at reducing heart disease. It is said that immediately after a famous person has a heart attack or major heart surgery, hundreds of people schedule physical examinations especially men.

The heart disease is not, of course, an advantageous experience for the famous person undergoing it. It can awaken them to their need for lifestyle changes, but other than that, it is just as excruciating for the famous as for those who have no claim to fame.

No One Is Invincible

Whether it is a famous person with heart disease or a person who is famous only to his or her family, no one is invincible. That may be one of the biggest lessons to be learned from hearing of yet another famous person with heart disease. Another big lesson is that we should all heed the multitude of warnings, and take action to prevent heart disease in ourselves and our loved ones.